Need Keeper Help!

I am in a 12 team PPR league where you can keep one player at last years draft round. start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE and Flex

I am deciding between AJ Brown in the 4th or Dobbins in the 5th.

Please help

I would lean Dobbins. I think WRs are a lot easier to come by than RBs. Not sure how great Dobbins will be, but I think having a solid RB for a 5 round is a better value than AJ Brown in the 4th.

Both are good values.

I lean AJB because of the PPR factor. While Brown does not see the target volume like most of the WR elites, he will see way more passing volume than Dobbins. JKD saw 18 rec on 24 targets last year. Lamar is not a regular check down thrower due to his rushing ability, which severely limits JKD’s upside in PPR.

In addition, Dobbins we dont know how much, or little, Dobbins will be used in BAL rush attack. Lamar is the still true RB1. Plus, Gus was paid nicely to stay as well.

I personally would take the known in AJB over JKD at this time.

Another vote for AJB. It’s a close call for sure, but Dobbins still has some questions particularly in PPR, and since this league starts 3 receivers, it’s that much more important to have strong receiver depth.

3 WR league I think I’m keeping AJ but it’s super close. Great value on both