Need Keeper Help

12 Man PPR keeper league, keeping 2 and need help deciding between these three:


I am for sure keeping Kamara, I am leaning OBJ but I also think a good case can be made for taking Cook and starting out with 2 stud running backs… Thoughts?

What’s starting lineups?
How long do you get to keep these players?
And what do you lose for keeping them?

in a vaccum its OBJ kamara. but like frosty said, more info is needed to be completely sure. if there are penalties, how many players of each spot start, including flex, if you get to keep them as long as you want… it could all easily change the answer. if you get to keep cook for a 5th or something like that but OBJ is a 1st, my answer changes to cook pretty quick. also if its standars or PPR MIGHT change my answer but only if round penalties are involved.

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12 team PPR, snake draft, selecting #1. Keeper options:
Devante Adams - rd 4
Steffon Diggs - rd 5
Zach Ertz - rd 10

Thanks much guys!