Need League...Help

Very active clan member looking for a dynasty league. Can be orphaned team or startup. Please DM me!!

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We have (3) openings in an 86-Team NCAA Replica League.

These are the available teams.

Main points:

•86 teams across 6 conferences

•14 teams in each power 5 conference

•16 teams in a mid major conference

•buy-in for P5: $50

•buy-in for MM: $30

•each team is budgeted with $1000 of scholarship money per year, and there are auctions to recruit players

•only players in their first 4 years are eligible

  • for example, Kyler Murray is a sophomore and Tua will be a freshman

•after 4 years in the league, players will graduate and be gone from the player pool

•there are redshirts and medical redshirts to give an extra year of eligibility

•league has its own ranking formula and rankings update weekly

•8 team CFB playoffs and many bowl games

Bylaws here: