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Need League Members


Looking for committed members to join a casual league. Need 5 members. Half point PPR. Reply or email me if you’re interested. landryinman@gmail.com


im interested whens the draft?


I’m interested! colekayj@gmail.com


I might also be interested, but depends on when Draft is. Im already in a few leagues


My email is:



Hey Thomas,

The 5 spots were actually filled pretty quickly. Thanks though! I
appreciate you reaching out. Have a great day!



Hey cole, thanks for the response. We were able to fill those 5 spots
fairly soon. I appreciate you reaching out. Have a great day!




Thanks for the reply! Looking to draft later in August but not set yet. I
had a lot of responses and have filled all 5 spots already. But I’ll keep
you in mind in case anyone drops out. Appreciate you reaching out, thanks