Need Lineup Help Please!

Who do I start? I need 1 RB, 1 WR. 1 Flex.

Cohen vs NYJ
Mack vs Oak
Murray vs NO
Cooks vs GB
Hilton vs Oak

Current starter
RB: Conner
WR: M. Thomas

I am thinking of making my starters:
RB: Conner, Cohan, Mack
WR: M. Thomas, Hilton

Thoughts. I am up to hear all thoughts.

I think you have it right but I wouldn’t argue if you went with Cooks over TY. That’s GB/Rams matchup is juicy beyond imagination.

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I agree with you about Cooks. I am also fine if he makes my lineup. I just think TYs matchup against Oak is awesome and he doesnt have to share the targets.

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I think you’re in good shape either way there.

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