Need lineup help

PPR league
QB: C Newton
Rb: D Freeman, K Hunt
Wr: AJ Green, K Allen
TE: C Clay
Rb/wr: D Cook
DST: Ravens

QB: A Dalton
Rb: I Crowell, J Stewart
Wr: A Cooper, M Bryant
TE: J Reed

**I’m going against my little bro this week, so it would be nice to demolish his team lol. Any advice helps! I initially had cooper in my lineup but switched him out for Cook bc my bro has steelrrs Defense and I wanted to see him lose points if Cook scored.

Wow. Fantastic team! I may put Amari Cooper in to replace Keenan Allen, or maybe A.J. Green. I don’t know only because of Dalton. I’m not giving up on Dalton yet. I am nervous though.
Really what I mean is, you really couldn’t go wrong, a solid squad you have. (Yoda.)