Need major WR help this week

14 team league standard scoring. Thielen on bye, AJ Green out, and now Watkins likely out too. I picked up Maurice Harris in the hopes that Crowder is out again. Other WR is DJ Moore. It’s tough but I’m still projected to win by 15 since I have Matt Ryan, Gordon, Conner and DJ as RBs, and Ertz as TE. Should I weather the storm or consider a trade? I have AJones on my bench, could consider trading him and DJ Moore for Dion Lewis and Cooper Kupp. Thoughts?

Bumping up, really could use some help thanks guys.

If the other team goes for it, then yes trade Jones and Moore for Lewis and Kupp.

Helps your WR depth while not affecting your RB depth much at all. Besides, with DJ, Gordon, and Conner chances are you’re not playing Jones anyways.

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