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Need members 10-12 full point PPR Keeper


Hey FootClan we’re looking for dedicated and involved members for a 10 to 12 team full point PPR keeper league. No buy in required. Were using the ESPN fantasy app platform. Comment if you’re interested and I’ll send you the details/invite. So glad football is back!!


I am interested. Dmdicorpo@gmail.com


I’m interested. email is rsullievan@gmail.com


Awesome thanks for the interest. Invite has been sent


I’m interested for sure, email me at comedianian@gmail.com


I’m interested! KyleBohne@gmail.com


Please send the info if there are spots open imranzballin@yahoo.com


Invites have been sent. Thanks for your interest !


Interested! noscrodamus@gmail.com


Interested. you can reach me at sweenejp@yahoo.com


There are currently two spots remaining and two invitations have gone out. To those who have received invitations but have not yet join the league know that there are now several people waiting for those spots and I can only hold those spots until 2PM EST 12MST Tomorrow. If you have not joined by then your spot will go to the next person who applied. If you have expressed interest but have not received an invitation when is the deadline passes I’ll let you know if we have an open spot or if we’re full up thanks to everyone for your patience And your interest.


Reminder to everyone who us been sent an invite.there are 3 spots left available and several people are interested. Need to have them filled by tomorrow. At 2 PM EST 12 MST invites will be sent to those waiting for them and whoever joins up first gets in.


If you have a wait list, I’d like to be on it. brandonchrisman14@gmail.com


Ok everyone deadline has passed so there are two spots open and I have sent invites to everyone who requested one or requested to be on the waitlist. First two people to join are in. If you wanted to get in but didn’t make it, let me know I have a few other leagues i’m setting up and we have spots to fill there! Thanks everyone!


I’m in! tatejohnson92@yahoo.com


I’m interested, thomaspullen9@gmail.com Willing to be waiting listed.


Interested if you still have a spot. Active with plenty of experience. cantorj2@gmail.com


I am interested and eager!