Need Michael Thomas or AB, but do not know which RB to give away... Please HELP!

Hello clans -
I think the Michael Thomas owner is seriously lacking RB depth and I would like to acquire either MT or AB, but I am unsure of which RB to trade away. I am in a 12 team 0.5 PPR league. I will post my team and his team side by side… Let me know your thoughts.


You’ll have to give mixon or mcaffrey I Guess.

i would try for AB. MTs production has been not so hot with the return of ingram, But he still would be good

Do you all think its fair if I trade Lindsay/Jones and Chubb for either AB or MT?

No way he takes that I would guess . 3 for 1 trades normally don’t get accepted. If that’s my team I wouldn’t trade for less than Mixon or CMC. Idk why you want to trade one of your studs. I would try to go after Baldwin personally. He is going to be cheap and he almost always has a big second half of the season.

I am just thinking out loud… what do you think I should acquire… or should I even try? I have a good team, not sure if I should even engage in a trade?

@MikeMeUpp Your thoughts bro?

Honestly your team is solid. You could possibly try to strengthen your TE position after Burton’s big game

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They are totally wrong, if you trade away Lindsay and Tate, you should be able to get thomas or AB. It would benefit his team greatly and yours. Its a win win. Bothh your players would start for him. He is flexing wilson for gods sake.