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Need Michael Thomas or AB, but do not know which RB to give away... Please HELP!


Hello clans -
I think the Michael Thomas owner is seriously lacking RB depth and I would like to acquire either MT or AB, but I am unsure of which RB to trade away. I am in a 12 team 0.5 PPR league. I will post my team and his team side by side… Let me know your thoughts.



You’ll have to give mixon or mcaffrey I Guess.


i would try for AB. MTs production has been not so hot with the return of ingram, But he still would be good


Do you all think its fair if I trade Lindsay/Jones and Chubb for either AB or MT?


No way he takes that I would guess . 3 for 1 trades normally don’t get accepted. If that’s my team I wouldn’t trade for less than Mixon or CMC. Idk why you want to trade one of your studs. I would try to go after Baldwin personally. He is going to be cheap and he almost always has a big second half of the season.


I am just thinking out loud… what do you think I should acquire… or should I even try? I have a good team, not sure if I should even engage in a trade?


@MikeMeUpp Your thoughts bro?


Honestly your team is solid. You could possibly try to strengthen your TE position after Burton’s big game


They are totally wrong, if you trade away Lindsay and Tate, you should be able to get thomas or AB. It would benefit his team greatly and yours. Its a win win. Bothh your players would start for him. He is flexing wilson for gods sake.