Need more input please!

Asked this before but still a tough call, pick 2 of 4 in standard league:
Jk dobbins
Benny snell
Paris Campbell
James Robinson

IMO Campbell is in for me. Snell is out for now, although he could takeover the backfield with Conner’s injury issues, but could be a split. Dobbins up against a weak run D, high over/under, but he’s also in a split. Robinson will get a bunch of carries but can he continue to have success against a tough Titans Run D with the addition of Clowney.

Campbell and Dobbins if you need a high ceiling/ Robinson for a high floor.

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I’d go Robinson and Campbell. Robinson for volume, Campbell is playing the Vikings who just got shredded through the air last week


I’m with both these ballers. Robinson will continue to get volume in the ground but Campbells stock is going up, I wish I had gotten him last week on waivers.

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