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Need new flex


So I had Djax in as my flex but as you know that game is ppd. my bench is the following:

Jeremy Hill
Jamaal Charles
Tarik Cohen

The choice is most likely between the first 4 as charles and cohen are depth pieces. Who do you think I should flex? I have hill in for now but I’m kind of on the fence with moncrief. I know luck is out week one but i thought he looked pretty good in pre season w the backup.
Forgot to mention it is a standard 10 team league.


Probably Hill and hope for the td.


Just saw Duke Johnson, Rishard Mattews, John Brown, Marvin Jones jr and Burkhead available as FA. Think any could be better options?


I like Jones much more than Hill.


I think he’s gonna be pretty nice this year. My weak bench makes things very tough. I basically noticed right after my draft how old/injury prone my bench was haha.


Yeah Jones or hill. I mean more hill right now though.


I have a feeling he may be the primary goal line back, thats what makes it a tough choice for me.


He will, only question is, how often do they get down there this game? The sooner they get up on the ravens the better. Run city after that.


This is a great point. Especially considering I’m hearing that the BAL def is being very underrated this year.