Need one more manager

Looking for one more manager for 12 team .5 ppr $50 dynasty league thru sleeperbot.
1 qb
2 rb
3 wr
1 te
1 flex
1 superflex
10 bench (subject to change)
4 ir(more for Covid)

Payments will be made thru leaguesafe. An additional $25 will be deposited towards 2021 season.

I would love to play.

What’s your sleeper name

Sorry about that. It’s Sharksarenice

Shane Tolman

Good work on the carry over :wink:

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League is now full

If anyone sees this post and is still interested, I ended up starting another Dynasty Startup as my first one filled up and then some. Message me if interested and I can tag you on my post thread so you can check out the bi-laws and draft details.

I am interested in joining a dynasty. This would be my first dynasty league

@capesius15 tagged you in my thread post to check out the details. Already have 8 committed, and 2 possibles.

Im in if you need another tackleberry130 on sleeper or you can email me