Need one more win to clinch the bye - Line up advice

So I need a win next week to lock up 2nd and clinch our second week 14 bye week.

I’ve got the below locked in, 14 team Full PPR but need help at TE and Flex.

I’ve got Hockenson or Goedert for TE, do I just trust Hock or go with the matchup vs Seattle when Wentz will have to throw (badly) a lot? Flex wise i have Gibson, Reagor and if Kenny G is back he’s an option. All have good matchups who do i roll with here?

QB - Kyler
RB - Chubb, Robinson
WR - Adams, MT
TE - ?
FLX - ?

For me Id trust Hock to keep being moderate. he wont lose your week but probably wont win it either and then Id flex Gibson hes been playing strong and Reagor is too boom or bust for me and not sure of Golladays health yet


Appreciate the reply, I was leaning that way as well. I do have Ekeler in my IR, he would be the curve ball if he is back this week but really I want to see a week from him before i slot him in the lineup

I agree with dbmville, hock is the right choice. Seattle’s D, while bad, has been trending up and pressuring the qb a lot and we all have seen how Wentz has been doing this season. I’d keep all eagles out of play except for Sanders and Goedert if you NEED to. For your flex, Gibson has a great matchup this week against Dallas, Ekeler will be awesome when he’s back but you obviously don’t need to risk throwing him out there on his first week back with a nice pivot like Gibson. Nice looking team man


Thanks, got lucky with a few moves early season and managed to get Ekeler and MT away from the same owner a few weeks back as he ended up in must win now mode early on unfortunately. Hoping Ekeler is back to 100% for the playoffs and puts me over the top