Need opinion about keeper rules

Just looking for some feedback about my leagues current rules. Good or bad let me know what you think.

Max of 3 keepers.
Keeper picks are in the first rounds of the draft IE. 1 keeper is first round pick. 2 keepers first and second pick. 3 keepers first three rounds.
10 point budget for keepers
First year kept is 2 points. 2nd year cost is 4. 3rd year costs 8.
The thought is the budget will keep players moving in trades and make the league more active with roster moves.

Draft picks can be traded also.

If you trade a player who has been kept 1 year does his keeper clock reset with the new team?

Yes it does

If you want to keep the player pool fresh you may want to consider having the clock carry.

Having the clock reset could lead to collusion.

Say I have Mahomes, you and I can agree to just trade him back and forth every 2 years.

What is the keeper cost beyond year 3? Or is that the limit?

Are draft positions revealed before or after keeper submissions are due?

That’s a good point. I will have to discuss that with the commish

The budget of ten points will limit a player being kept to 3 years max. The keepers have a deadline for locking thenn they are revealed to the league a month prior to our draft

When are draft positions revealed?

The other thing you may want to consider is having the draft compensation bump up a round each year.

Draft position is determined by finishing record. Keepers are revealed a month before the draft.

Please explain the draft compensation bump up mike

So if I draft him in the 4th, the next year he costs me a 3, then a 2, then a 1.

If a guy goes on IR his round carries to the next year, so 1st round guys can’t be kept unless they go on IR

I really like this format.

No bump up for rounds. The cost for keeping a player is cumulative and will make them more expensive each year until the point they are unaffordable after year 3. I do like your question about IR that definitely warrents consideration about cost per year.