Need opinion on a dynasty trade

Got an offer in a Full PPR dynasty. This trade would give me the 1.1, 1.2, and 1.5 and I’m in full rebuild

Give: DK and KJ
Get: 1.1 and Nkeal Harry

I’d pull the trigger here. I like N’Keal Harry a lot. Losing DK hurts, but the 1.01 has more value than he does. I also would rather have N’Keal Harry than Kerryon Johnson, but I may be in the minority here. Sounds like a win to me.

The Kerryon piece to this is what worries, he has the assets and the team to be a beast, and flashed that this past season, yes the RB in dynasty is like a car you drive off the lot (depreciates in value the longer you go) but he’s still very young and just gonna be coming into his prime, id sell in maybe 2 years. DK is set to be the guy, but with Locket, Olsen and the run first mentality I feel like that’s a piece id be willing to part with, wouldn’t be happy but with the right price.

Guess what im getting at is I’d want more. Whether it’s another pick or an upgrade from Nkeal Harry, who I like, but could be in for a rough couple years If Brady isn’t back and they’re flying with a rookie QB or a guy on his way out.

As much as I love DK and KJ, I think the 1.1 and Harry might be the better end of the deal. The 1.1 is likely an improvement over KJ, so I think it would come down to your WR depth and if your team will be alright if Harry takes awhile or doesn’t pan out.