Need opinions: Who do I keep?

10 man standard league and I have the 9th pick this year.

I can either choose to keep David Johnson in the first round or keep Dalvin Cook in the 3rd.

Conflicted cause I want a solid RB1 in the first round but have a great value with Dalvin Cook in the 3rd… Any thoughts?

I would keep Cook. You are late in the first round and could start off your draft with a solid RB1 and Stud WR1 with your first two picks, and then have Cook as your third with a quick turn to your 4th. Good luck.

Agreed, it’s easily Cook.

Definitely Cook. In standard scoring there’s a world where DJ is there at 9 still.

I would keep cook who knows how arizona is gonna be this year and I’ll gladly be wrong without regretting not taking Johnson for the safety of cook

glad I got consensus. Thank you everyone