Need QB - Douggernaut for DeMarco/Mariota?

Lost Palmer, and my only other QB on my roster (for now) is Luck… I like Doug more than DeMarco, but I need a QB and this offer was presented to me. The only QBs on the waiver I’m even remotely interested in are Bortles and McCown, but with byes I am assuming that one or both of these guys will get snagged, plus Bortles is on bye this week. (I am 11th of 12 waiver priority. Most teams have 2 if not 3 QBs on their rosters so there are very slim pickings.)

I have Derrick Henry. I also have Hunt and Ingram (and Ty Montgomery).

After the deal, I would have:
RBs: Hunt, Ingram, DeMarco, Henry, Montgomery
QBs: Mariota

If I didn’t do the deal, I would have:
RBs: Hunt, Martin, Ingram, Henry, Montgomery
QBs: waiver wire fodder and Luck

I am leaning towards doing it. …Would you? (PS- I’m the #1 seed at 6-1.) (PPS- This is non-PPR scoring.)