Need QB Help, Brees and Cam

Didn’t get a good QB in the draft and am thinking of trading for one. Wanted to offer the Brees owner Marquise Brown or David Montgomery to snag him for when he comes back but don’t know if that’s worth it. My league does have bonuses for a point every 40 and 50 yard TD thrown and for 300 and 400 yard games.

I’ve been steaming now and it hasn’t been bad but just wanted to have less stress at the position. Cam is also on Waivers but don’t know if he’s worth a stash after how he played those first two games.

Don’t do it. Having a “steady” QB can be tempting, but then you will feel like you have to play that “steady” QB even in their bad matchups. Then if you do stream a different QB on that week, the “steady” QB takes up a roster spot on your bench that could be used to stash high upside players.

Avoid avoid. Stay streaming. Also don’t stash Cam.