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Need QB help plz


QB: streaming T. Taylor, Stafford (Bye)

ESPN standard scoring 10-team.

I do not love Stafford but I feel he will bounce back after the bye. I am streaming Taylor this week even tho I feel like Goff is going to score more FP this week. Andrew Luck is on waivers and I want to stash him but really do not have room on my bench cuz I am holding onto D. Johnson (IR) in hope he comes back by Thanksgiving. The real question is, even if Luck returns week 8 or 9 will he be a better QB compared to streaming options. He has a tough schedule, his line is still trash and he will be rusty. He still ranks in the top 15 for ROS compared to other QBs cuz he is elite. I feel QB is my biggest weakness and since i did not jump on Watson or Weints like an idiot im stuck with QB2’s when I need a QB1.

Anyone believe Luck will be solid coming back and put up solid fantasy numbers? Is this silly and should I try to trade for a Matt Ryan, Russel Wilson that has been struggling so far to put up big fantasy numbers? Thanks for the help. Here is the rest of my lineup.

RB 2: D. Murray, Mckinnon
WR 3: M. Thomas, D. Thomas, K. Benjamin
TE 1: J. Graham
FLEX: D. Adams
K: W. Lutz

D. Johnson (IR)
H. Henry
A. Abdullah
A. Kamara
W. Fuller V
O. Darkwa