Need QB Help - Ryan, Wentz, Allen

I am currently rostering Ryan and Wentz.

Expecting Wentz to be my week 13-16 QB but am torn on what to do with Ryan.

He has a tough matchup with Carolina this week while Allen (FA) gets the Dolphins.

Ryan gets Tampa Bay next week which is amazing but the rest of his season is rough.

I’m 8-2 in 3rd place due to points and can’t afford a loss if I want a Playoff Bye.

Should I drop Ryan for Allen and then just ride or die with Wentz ROS?

Thanks for the help!

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I think your instincts on the troubles ahead for Ryan are spot-on. For this week only, J. Allen vs. Miami is probably your best bet. After that, he projects to be the QB26 RoS in my model. Weeks 12-16 Wentz projects to be the QB14 (but Week 16 vs. Dallas drags that down). Ryan Weeks 12-16 projects as QB8. If you can keep them both and alternate based on match up you could probably do OK. All QB projections in my model below. Model is described a little more in the link above. Hope that helps!

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I appreciate the response and the chart! I suppose I’ll stick with Ryan for weeks 11, 12, and 16 and utilize Wentz for 13, 14 and 15. I can’t justify dropping one of them for the 1 week of Allen or holding 3 QBs on my roster. Thanks again!

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