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Need QB help


12 team .5 PPR

My only real weakness is in QB

Right now I have Eli Manning (ugh!)

I picked up Case Keenum and Jacoby Brissett off waivers

It does not look like Sheppard is playing tonight - and I am very wary of starting Eli agin without Sheppard.

Do I stick it out with Eli, plug in Keenum for the early game or wait and play Brissett

I am currently 8-3 and the top seed for the playoffs starting next week. Rest of lineup are McCoy, Hunt, Kamari, M. Thomas, T. Hill, Engram, Eagles, Lutz


Started Keenum


Saw this late but you made the same call I would have. Eli is just not viable right now. People will just try to lock down engram while Shepard is out.