Need QB Trade Help

I hate the idea of trading for a QB, but I need to make a push for the playoffs and I think Fitzmagic is the likeliest trade target.

Give up:
Dalvin Cook
Eli McGuire


Other likely accepted offer to give up for Fitz:
Jalen Richard


Who is your current QB?

Both those offers are madness for a QB, especially one like Fitz - a guy who has a high probability of not playing every game ROS. Giving up Cook or MVS is out of the question for him, Richard and McGuire i could agree with but it depends on league size and scoring format.

I just picked up Alex Smith for this week, but it has been a revolving door all season. It’s a 14 team PPR league.

Man that’s tough. I wouldn’t be trading Cook or MVS in 14 team. What is your full roster, how deep are you at RB, WR etc?

Melvin G
J Richard
Eli McGuire
Peyton Barber
Josh Gordon

It’s a stacked starting lineup for a 14 team league, in my opinion, but I’m 3-6 and need to win out in order to have a chance at the playoffs.

I’d try and trade someone else. Don’t trade Cook by any means for Fitzpatrick who could very well end up sitting in a couple games.

I hear ya. I probably just needed talked off the ledge. I think I’ll be fine streaming QB and hanging onto my RB depth.

Oh man that is a good line up for a 14 team, loaded at RB with Cook back now and OBJ at WR1 with MVS or Gordon at WR2 is nice too.

I still think trade for another QB regardless and use Richard, McGuire, Barber, Goodwin to get it done. If i’m giving up someone else like Gordon or MVS (don’t use the top three RBs at all) i’m going for a much higher calibre QB than Fitz. anyone else rostering two decent options? Otherwise i’d just stream to be honest and keep your depth as you say