Need Quarterback Help!

Sup foot clan I’m in a pickle. My main homie Wentz is on BYE and my back up is Mr. mariota. There are some ok options on the wire such as Eli, Keenem, The Beef Brisket, and Blake garbage man Bortles. Any suggestions? Thanks everyone!!

u dont think you play any of thsoe waiver wire qbs over mariota. I think mariota is finally healthy and ready to run the ball himself. also the emergence of corey davis should help spread out the defense. stick with mariota

I also have Wentz and i picked up Mariota just for this week, matchup isn’t that bad, hoping he’ll give me at least 15+. Also missing T. Hill in a bye, and i have davis so i’m stacking Davis and Mariota, lets hope for some production ._.