Need quick help

Cooper Kupp for Ridley/Yeldon/Trey Burton. He has only Mixon (Lev and Ajayi) and has no TE on his roster.

Any advice here team? Thanks in advance.

Have this and now Juju for Yeldon and Ridley on the table. Which is better?

.5 PPR. Forgot to mention.

So aside from the fact its a .5 PPR, i don’t seem to understand the question. You have Cooper Kupp, and he wants to trade you for either Ridley/Yeldon/Trey Boo Boo? Or do you have Ridley/Yeldon/Burton ?

I have 2 trades available. I have the Yeldon/Ridley side. I can trade those 2 and Burton for Kupp OR I can trade Yeldon and Ridley for JuJu. Sorry for confusion…

No worries, i just wanted to make sure i answered correctly also lol. Seems to be a lot for Kupp to be honest, i like that you’re trying to get him, but you are giving up a lot of Kupp. Especially since Yeldon will have the backfield for a while. Burton could end up a TE1. Juju is going to be up and down , hes a risky play if AB continues to be the squeaky wheel. If i had to choose, i would go for Kupp and that high powered Rams Offense. But i feel like you’re giving up a lot. Who’s your WRs ?

My team is Zeke and Ingram (Lamar Miller, Yeldon, Tevin). Thielen and Davantae (Ridley and Tyler Boyd [waiver claims on Geronimo and Sanu]). I have Greg Olsen as well for TE.

Ok, your WR core is decent. I definitely wouldn’t trade Burton if you have Olsen. He’s so risky from injury. I dont trust it. But package Yeldon, Ridley for Kupp and see if he bites. Otherwise Yeldon/Boyd would be pretty good too.

Thanks for the help man. I’ll try to do those 2 for Kupp. Also thinking about then trading a Kupp/Lamar for a solid RB to start in flex.