Need RB Help for rest of season

10 team Standard league - 1QB 2WR 2RB 1TE 1 flex

My team:
QB: Deshaun
QB: Cousins
RB: Conner
RB: Michel
RB: Murray
RB: Edmonds (Dropping)
RB: Walton
WR: Julio
WR: Juju
WR: Hilton
WR: Sutton
WR: Woods (Probably dropping)
WR: Stills
TE: Henry
K: Tucker
DST: 49ers

I’m 7-1 but feel like I need some help with my RB slots. Opposing teams have the following:
Team 1: Lamar Jackson, Devonta Freeman, Josh Jacobs, Kenny Golladay, OBJr, Alvin Kamara, Joe Mixon, Travis Kelce
Team 2: Brady, Chubb, Hopkins, Godwin, Engram, Edelman, D Johnson, Hooper
Team 3: Stafford, Bell, Carson, Lockett, Chark, Gordon, Prescott,
Team 4 (Also 7-1): Wilson, Fournette, Montgomery, Fitzgerald, Metcalf, Ertz, Hill, Thomas, Rodgers, Breida
Team 5: Wentz, Gurley, Cook, Evans, Ryan
Team 6: CMC, J Howard, K Allen, Landry, Adams, Mack, Winston/Minshew
Team 7: Barkley, Coleman, Jones Jr., Diggs, Green, Lindsay, Andrews

Team 8 & 9 don’t have much to trade for.

For what it’s worth:

Available on waivers
For RB:
Guice, Drake, Jaylen Samuels (if Conner is out), Freeman, Singletary, J Williams, Penny, Jones

For WR:
Sanders, Shephard, Kirk, Samuel, Sanu, Crowder, Dorsett, Tate, Amendola, Parker, Conley, D Johnson (I already have Juju).

First off you need to pick up Samuel ASAP since you have Conner. As for RB, if it were me I’d try to trade TY or Sutton for Bell. If you need to throw in something extra offer one of those WR plus Murray. Is Bell and Carson the only RB that team has though? If so that might make it a little tough as you might have to give up another RB of your own if he feels like he needs better compensation at the position after losing Bell.