Need RB Help?

I have serious problems at RB… my best scorer has been Cohen. I have Cohen, Ajayi, D. Murray, Crowell and J Stewart. Is is time to drop Crowell and Stew look for help on the waiver wire? The best people on the WW are guys like Smallwood, McGuire, McKissic.

Please help…

I wouldn’t drop Crowell yet. Give him more time. Are you loaded at any other position that you could trade? Maybe pick up the Vikings back or Seattle due to this weeks injuries

My wide receivers are ok at this point. Jordy, Tate, D Thomas, Fitz, Funchess, Kearse, Hurns. I was offered Fournette for Jordy but havent been able to pull the trigger. The problem is i dont have any free spots open unless i drop someone or a league mate takes a 2 for 1 trade and most have been reluctant to do that for some reason.

Try packaging Funchess with someone else and try and trade for a RB1