NEED rb trade help

1/2 PPR, need a win for playoffs.
I was offered Tevin Coleman and Sony Michel for (my) Edelman.
I have… RBs: Melvin, Chubb(bye), Drake(bye) mike Davis, ekeler
WRs: Beckham, Boyd, Watkins, Edelman
Do I take the trade and then trade for a better WR?

Michel is on a Bye too, so not sure that trade helps you this week.

But I could use Colman this week and trade Sony for another WR?

It’s also a keeper league and I have Kupp on IR that may hold value to someone

I suppose potentially; It’s a gamble for sure. If you’re comfortable with Coleman then I’d say go for it - you’re going to need to add someone this week unless you think Carson isn’t 100%, and even then, who knows how Davis will perform if GB gets up in that game…

Tough call.