Need RB2 Help for the Title!

Struggling this fine Championship Sunday Morning, need an RB2 in full PPR. Projected to win by 7 right now:

Bell (vs Pitt)
Laird (vs Cincy)
Lewis (vs NO)
Boone (vs GB)

If I play Boone I run the risk of Mattison playing and having no other option tomorrow.

Thanks Footclan and good luck this weekend!

I think Mattison is now ruled out (please double check that)… def not Lewis vs NO

So Bell vs a tough Pitt D or Laird vs Cincy. I’d say Bell… not an ideal match up, but Laird dropped to just under 50% of snaps last week… Bell gets the volume even in a tough match up

Thanks Guard.Duck I’m going to roll with Boone and see what happens!

Good luck this weekend!