Need replacemtn plasyer for 12 team Dynasty.,

I need a replacement player as a m,ember has left us. The buy in is $50.00.
Roster size is as follows:
20 bench
4 ir spots

We allow trading two years out.

The team that is avaibale is as follows

qb Ryan Tannahill
rb James White
rb De’Abdre Swift
wr Dj CHalk
wr Ju ju
wr Keenan Allen
te Rob Gronk
flex James Washington
flex Cordelle Patteron
def 49ers


Bills def
Preston Willainms
Henery Ruggs
Justice hill
Ke’Shawn Vaughn
Patriots def
Mark ingram
Gerad Evertt
P. Rivers
Jags def
Jace Sternberger
Jimmy G
Darrynton Evans
will fuller
ryan fitzpatrick
Marquez Callaway
Travis Homer
Anthony Firkser
Richie James
Kalen Ballage

current ir slot

Damien Williams
Tarik Cohen
Ryquell Armstead
Odell Beckham Jr.

we keep 25 players so the draft is only for 5 players. HOWEVER we do allow fr trading multiple picks. for example, you might have 7 picks or 3 picks depending how you make your trades. If you have 5 or less picks you still must drop 5 players and also not have anyone in ir before the draft. If you have more than 6 picks, you must drop the 5 plus however many more picks you have. If you have 7 picks you must drop 7 then.

your picks for this draft will be as follows

the first number is round, the second is pick in that round. the third number is overall pick


( you will need to drop 6 players in this case, plus clear your ir slots before the draft)

The draft in linear, not snake.

below is the league rules. If yo don’t wish to read the whole thing, that is up to you. But please at least read section 5 because it is the issue we have the most trouble with.
Also section 11 which has not been a problem but I want to avoid any if possible.

  1. I will not re seed during the playoffs. Whatever ESPN sets as who you play, you play. ( I was in a league with my neighbor who threw a fit because he had to play his friend in the playoffs instead of me. It got very contentious, and we no longer speak).
  2. Tanking on purpose is not allowed up to an including the playoffs. By trying to get the first seed.
  3. As the commish, I have final say in any disputes between team owners. I also reserve the right to change any rule during the season IF it turns out that I made a misstate that effects the fair outcome of games. I do NOT have a right however to change a rule for no good reason or to help one particular team, including my own.
  4. three random judges ( the first three to respond to a trade judge request, provided that are not the involved in the trade) will vote on all trades. We will do our best to vote them in asap. I will do our best to process the trade asap, but there is no guarantee that we can do it before a game starts. These votes will be binding.
  5. The same judging system will be used to vote on any suspected collusion. Collusion, as defined by Matthew Berry, is clear. Trading a player to another team just to help that team and notyour own is collusion. ANY other trade is ok. Example: Player one trades a retiring 3rd string TE that has no value for a star player to help his buddy, that is collusion. HOWEVER, trading a player on IR that otherwise is a great player for another great player, or trading several draft picks and a somewhat decent player for a star player or a player who is up and coming but hasn’t proven himself for a star player is ok. This has been unclear to people in other leagues I have run. Another example of an ok trade would be If a owner trades a third qb to a guy who has no backups and his star gets hurt and then the owner who receives that qb drops him when his starter comes back and the first owner picks that player up again, that is not collusion. If someone suspects collusion, brings it to my attention, we will vote on it. If one of us is accused, an alternate will be selected to take that judges place. The penalty for collusion is a forfeiture of your first two draft picks the following year. Please remember this part as I will probably have to refer back to it time and time again if history repeats itself.
  6. You must set a line each week. if you miss more than two weeks (setting a line up with a bye week player or not putting in an obvious starter like Zeke or Pat Mahomes,) you will be booted and replaced without a refund. If you cannot set your line up do to an emergency, text me, call me, whatever, and I will set it for you. If you are playing me, I will ask someone else to set it. If you miss two weeks and can explain the reason why, I will allow you to stay, but all decision on this matter are mine to make.
  7. Here are the legitimate reasons one can be removed from the league without a refund:
    a) Harassment. If one is being rude, taking trash talking to a personal level, causing someone to feel unduly stressed or uncomfortable, including disparaging remarks about race, politics, or religion, sexual preference or anything else, and you have been warned ONE time and continue, you will be removed immediately without a refund.
    b) If collusion happens more than once ( see section 5), you will be removed.
  8. Here are reasons for a refund.
    a) A death in the family.
    b) A severe illness in the family.
    c) If you are in the military and are deployed to an area where you do not have access to the league.
  9. If you have any concerns, questions, suggestions, whatever pertaining ot the function of the league, such as rules, payments, ect, it must be done BEFORE the draft or AFTER the final game ( the Super Bowl).
  10. Trades of draft picks are allowed two year in advance. In other words, you cannot trade a draft pick in 2021 for a draft pick in 2024. However, after the draft is over, you can trade draft picks for the following year. Example. 2021 league year, you can trade 2021 and 2022 and 2023 picks. After the draft, you can then trade 2022 thru 2024 picks.
  11. I may be repeating myself, but I need to reemphasis it anyway. On the team facebook page, the espn app or in group me, no political talk, no religious talk, racial talk, sexual talk, or anything that could cause an argument of ideology Is allowed. Obviously this is America, and if you want to discuss that on your own facebook pages or whatever, that is none of my business, but not on this league pages. This is not to limit or change your mind on anything. This si simply to keep the league peaceful.
  12. All fee’s are due before the draft. Each year, I will post a due date for the entry fee. The draft will be soon after that in case we need to find a replacement. When it comes to fee’s all decisions in this regard must be unanimous.
  13. You Mus keep 25 players before the draft after year one. This means that after year one, the draft will be for 5 players, unless you make trades that allow you to have more draft picks or limit you to less than 5. IF you have only 3 picks one year, you still must drop 5 before the draft. If you have more than 5 picks, you must drop your 5 plus whatever amount over 5 you have. Example: If you have 8 picks due to trades, you must drop five plus 3. This allows room for the 3 extra picks. When trading draft picks, you can trade multiple draft picks for one player or one draft pick. For example, if you have the number 1 pick overall, you can trade that pick to another player for his 12th overall as well as his 2nd and third round pick. This becomes more interesting after the first year.
  14. The draft will be linear (not snake). If you have the first-round pick, you will have the first pick in each round (before trades).
  15. The draft will be done as follows. In google sheets, there will be a master list of all available players. When it is your turn to pick, you will have as much time as you need to make your choice. You will post in GROUPME ( this is easy to explain how to use if you are unfamiliar) your pick and then I will posy who is next after the player has been added to the roster manually. This allows for different scheduling since we are from all over the country as well as allowing draft pick trading during the draft. I have been doing this in my other league for a year or two now and it really works great, as long as people are patient and understand different work and life schedules. This usually TAKES A COUPLE OF DAYS. The first draft will probably take longer.
  16. After the season is over, you can NOT add or drop players UNTIL the beginning of the new league year AND I say it is okj ( as I need to make any off season changes to rosters first). This is a bit tricky in that ESPN never seems to open the fantasy page at the same time each year. If you add a player after the beginning of the league year and before cuts are made, I will have to re add the player to the waives and I will dock you 50 fab points for being obnoxious, lol. That is not a joke. If I have to remind you of this, I will dock you 50 fab. When you ignore the rules that I cannot lock and I have to fix it, it wastes time and slows the process down. So please respect this. Thank you.
  17. Once the offseason starts ( I will announce this when I have posted all the teams and players and posted the draft order, usually a week or two after the actual Super Bowl), the offseason trading can occur. This is all done though google sheets and groupme

If you have any question, feel free to ask me. My nme is Chris. Oh and I am partially blind so my typing is horrible. FYI

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