Need roster is my currently lineup?

Where do you think I should focus trades, waiver wire, etc…

QB: Rodgers
WR: JuJu, Thielen, Woods, T. Williams, A. Jeffrey, TJ McLaurin
RB: Zeke, A. Jones, T. Cohen, C. Thompson, M. Sanders
TE: Wallerus

Maybe i’m just tilting because of Greenbay’s offensive performance week 1 but i’m weary of Rodgers and Jones at this point…should I just stick with what I have Footclan???

I would sit you have a solid roster if weary about jones play thompson while guice is out and wait for the offense in greenbay to shake out. Rodgers will get his and you’re very deep at wr.

so would you still start my big three WR this week? Juju, Thielen, and Woods at Flex?
Also, you like Thompson over Cohen this week?

I think they are about even, more of a personal preference with the bears taking on Vic fangio i think he will be able to figure out a way to stifle that offense. but yes i would stay pat at wr

one other question

If the Kamara owner would take a package trade what would you offer them?
Their WRs are Cooper, Godwin, Samuel, and Ross…RBs are Karmara, Conner, Singletary

I was thinking maybe something like Thielen or JuJu and Jones…you think that would be enough?

you’d have to hope for jones to have a big week 2 in order to get that done but id personally go for conner as an upgrade to jones and getting godwin or samuel back for thielen would be an a good trade off