Need roster suggestions/moves2make

Feeling trigger happy as we approach the trade dealine and being in the middle of a tight playoff race I’m scheming to make a move to booster my roster and wanna know what the community thinks as far possible moves or just stay put - All suggestions welcome.

My Thoughts - 1. Make a move to sure up my RB situation 2. make a move for a QB would be targeting CAM or WENTZ

12 team .5 ppr, 6 playoffs spots, currently sitting 4th with the 3rd most points scored (its the tiebreaker).
There are 4 other teams with the same record as me and 4 others within 1 game of me.
QB: Cousins
RBS: Mixon, Cook, Michel, Conner
WRS: AB, Boyd, Tate, Watkins, Sutton
TES: OJ and Burton
K/Dst: Stay streaming