Need Runningback Help

So I have Zeke has his hearing coming up so I’m concerned about him possibly getting suspended. I also have Carson who is probably going to be out for the season. I only have two other decent running backs left in Ajayi and Kelley. I’ve been thinking of picking up Mcfadden or Morris if Zeke is to miss time. But Wendell Smallwood and Latavius Murry are available as well, so who should I pick up?

if you can grab 2 i’d grab Smallwood and someone else. Murray is a very stiff runner with his ankle now so it’s going to be an awkward share between him and mcKinnon.

Who else should I pickup besides Smallwood?

Get Smallwood and Murray. I own Zeke and I picked up McFadden but that’s only because Murray and smallwood are not there. I do not think zeke misses any games this year.