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Need some advice if you would be so kind


I receive Mcaffery, & Jordy

I give Parker, Gore, Olsen


Olsen could win you the league who are your other TE?


What’s your roster?



Rb Ajayi, C.Thompson, Kelley

WR. Hogan, k. Benjamin, Sanu, Ginn, Richardson


as a Packer fan and Jordy owner, you dont want him on your team this year without Rodgers. I dont feel like I can start him rest of year. I am looking to trade him if I can get any value


Yeah I’d go with a no on this one. Gore for McCaffery a possible?


Do parker and gore for Mcaffrey no Olsen


He took Gore for Mcaffery straight up


That’s called trade raped


If you want to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket.


At least buy him dinner first. Jesus.