Need some advice on Kelce/Chubb/OBJ trade


I give: N. Chubb, D. Waller, C. Samuel
I get: S. Michel, OBJ, T. Kelce

My Team After Trade:

QB: D. Prescott / M. Stafford
RB: S. Barkley / L. Fournette / M. Gordon / S. Michel / W. Gallman
WR: OBJ / C. Kupp / T. Lockett / A. Tate
TE: T. Kelce

Non-PPR, unfortunately Waller hasn’t been helping you out. Are they willing to swap Fornette for Chubb?

They probably would, but the only issue is I would then have Chubb and OBJ which could be good, but that’s a lot of faith to put in the Browns offense.

Haha I feel ya man, but I would take Chubb all day everyday over Fornette. Regardless of OBJ; something is going on with their passing attack there…

Fair enough.

What about Chubb + C. Samuel for Julio + Kerryon?

Yeah I would do that; Samuel just isn’t getting it done with kyle Allen. Kerryon seems to be on the upswing. So basically you’re trading Chubb for Jones and Kerryon. Again though, doesn’t hurt to ask if they’d take Fornette instead.

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