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Need some advice on this blockbuster trade!


Here’s the deal. It’s a 10 team standard league with deep benches and I’m LOADED at RB, and have been trying to nail down a top tier WR. Am I paying too much? I’m very high on all three guys I would be getting.


E. Elliot
CJ Anderson
M. Crabtree


M. Evans
Ty Montgomery
Doug Martin

My Current Roster:

J. Cutler
M. Gordon
D. Freeman
T. Pryor
M. Crabtree
J. Doyle
E. Elliot

K. Allen
J. Graham
CJ Anderson
D. Jax
A. Theilen
M. Mariota
T. Cohen


No I would not do that


what i want to know is how you finagled, zeke, gordon and freeman haha but if I am just going to have great players rot away on the bench then im going to try and upgrade. while you may technically “lose” the trade if it leaves you with a better starting lineup then sure. Just make sure to still have good depth if you lose someone to injury


I’d rather have Crabtree over Evans really. I don’t think I would pull the trigger on that one.


but to that specific trade i wouldnt be a fan of


@forrmanj great question! I kept Gordon with the 8th round pick and drafted Freeman then Zeke first and second round.

Thanks for the feedback. It did seem steep. No reason to waste the depth just because i have it.