Need some advice on trades!

I love the dynasty league that I’m in but I’m running into issues when it comes to trading. I find it very difficult to get trades done because owners are over valuing their players. I even toss the trade into a calculator to see if it would be close in other leagues, but I’m not basing the whole trade off of that. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with it? Seems the only options are to overpay or suck it up and wait for rookies. Thanks!

Are these system or platform trade offers that are rejected? If so, do they send a counter?

Or is this during a trade negotiation?

Unfortunately I think it comes down to will they trade or not. There is no way to make it happen. Or at least I have not found it. I also find that if you make a good trade (favorable to you in the end) that door closes. Even if it was a good trade at the time. It is like you have to lose trades to make trades. At that point, why bother?

I hope you can get it sorted because trades are awesme!

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These are trade negotiations that may not even get a counter sent.

Made some magic happen after a dry streak. Got two pretty massive trades done in what feels like forever (with probably the most reasonable traders). I’m rebuilding/building for the future 1QB league. Davante Adams, Andy Dalton, 2020 1st for Stefon Diggs, DJ Moore, 2019 1.05 I’m the Adams side. Other deal was A-Rob, Blake Jarwin, 3.06, 3.03 For OJ Howard, Mike Williams, Gerald Everett. I was the A-rob side