Need some advice

So i was offered a trade on Thursday which i was receiving devonta freeman for alfred morris. Now the guy that offered me the trade was thinking that zeke was gonna be out sunday even though he had another appeal left. Now do i do the nice thing and allow him to back out? Or say tough luck…im conflicted.

Depends on how competitive your league is and how close you are with the manager haha.

If it was and a good buddy I’d probably take it easy on them but others are more competitive with FF than me.

imo trades are trades and are not one week deals so since he agreed to it knowing that the risk existed the trade stands and I would not let him back out…he still gets Morris for the rest of the season so if Zeke is out he benefits…would you let someone back out of a deal for Watson that was just made yesterday or the day before? Where do you draw the line ya know? And if you make the decision based on if it is your buddy then that’s essentially collusion too as you’re negatively impacting his opponent this week too…it would be opening a can of worms to let him out of it IMO…it stands…

Don’t most people play with their buddies?

I’m friends with everyone in my league.

And yes if I traded Watson right before he got hurt, like everything it would depend on the situation but I would probably still have a heart and reneg. But that is just me everyone is different.

All signs pointed to the suspension starting this week and maybe the other guy didn’t understand the legal process. Lord knows I don’t. Elliott has been suspended like what 12 times this year only for him to play the next week?

That said, you have a point that Morris probably has long term value still so it might not be a terrible trade overall.

Of course this is all coming from someone with far lower stakes than some leagues. If this was like a tightly competitive, big money, high stakes league then of course my thinking shouldn’t apply.

Did he offer the trade and you hadn’t accepted yet? OR, was it just a verbal agreement?

I do play with a lot of buddies (not all the players am I close with but at least would be friendly) but at the same time I still don’t think that should come into play…once the deal is agreed to it is agreed to and no matter what else happens after that matters…ANY player you trade could blow out their knee the next day…I wouldn’t expect my friends or anyone else to allow me to back out of a trade I agreed to in that situation because I agreed to it. Yeah it sucks but that goes along with playing the game…I think when you start letting people reneg on deals and let things become personal it’s a slippery slope and undermines the integrity of the league…

What would you do in this league if you allowed this trade to be overturned and someone else trades for Freeman…then it comes out Freeman’s shoulder injury is worse than thought and he doesn’t play this Sunday but it isn’t known until Sunday, do you now let that person back out too? You’ve set that expectation that if something happens the week a player is traded then they can back out. If you now don’t allow it THAT person gets upset…so you still run the risk of someone getting upset…unless it is in league rules that if x happen so within x amount of time after a trade it can be reversed and they were in place at the beginning of the year the trade has to stand

He offered the trade and its been accepted. But the commish can veto it. Im leaning towards keeping it but i wanted to ask if i was an a**hole for doing so.

100% agree with you on league integrity. And all of your points really.

I guess my only point was that legal technicalities and freak, season ending injuries at practice are less common than a shoulder injury or a player missing a week or two.

I also agree that injuries are part of the risk of the game. I guess I was just weighing more on the side of sportsmanship.

If I got a fantasy superstar like Watson and gave up a stud to get him only for him to blow out his knee a couple hours later I’d be sick about it lol.

In our league were all casual with each other so its not that serious (20 dollar buy in) but if zeke does get suspended morris is already the confirmed starter so i guess it isnt the worse trade ever.

Lol.thats my dilemma…i feel bad but he did offer the trade to me so i dont feel “that” bad about it.

Morris will have eventual value even if it starts next week so like you said it’s not the worst trade ever. At least he gets some return.