Need some advise

I have a trade proposed to me. I give them Diggs for Mixon and Galloday. This trade has me really thinking about my life haha. I don’t want to trade Diggs, but the trade is so juicy. I’m also a Vikings fan so I may be just Diggs bias. I have McCoy, cohin, Crowell, buck Allen, and Doug Martin when he gets off of suspension. And advise the foot clan has for me would be great. Thanks

I think you can get more for diggs. If not I’d keep him.

I wouldn’t trade away diggs for those two

I have to agree with everybody else on that. Tho it’s highly unlikely that Diggs is gonna pull off some 28 pts every single week, especially with Thielen in the mix, but there’s a good possibility that Diggs will put up as much as Mixon and Golladay combined more often than not. As long as Diggs doesn’t revert to his “usual” of starting off with a bang and then regressing later on.

If Mixon had a for sure workload I would, but since he does not I would not risk that. Galloday will be up and down and Diggs is going to be consistent.

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Thanks everyone for the advise. Really made my decision easier. But now he wants to give me Davonte Adams and Mixon for Diggs. Seems like he really wants him. This seems like a good deal, but again, I’m torn cause I like Diggs so much. Thoughts?

I would hang on to Diggs. A ton of mouths to feed in Greenbay to expect Adams to get the same targets that Diggs would get.

Like jeremy_ranslow said. I would hang on to Diggs. ARod has too many “friends”. Diggs is sitting better right now!!! And with Bradford…well…who knows at this point!!!

Keep Diggs. Galloway had a great game, but Patrick Peterson shadowed Marvin Jones on 90% of the routes he ran leaving a bunch of targets for other receivers.

I agree with the rest… Diggs is in a better situation than Mixon, Golloday and Adams.