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Need some B-A walk up music for my draft tonight


My draft is tonight and I’m looking for suggestions for my walk up music. C’mon footclan help me rock this draft!


The slow down/ speed up part from Come On Eileen


Asking Alexandria - The Final Episode!


Release Yo’Delf - Method Man

One of the most hype songs ever created


Dont threaten me with a good time. Panic at the disco


Alice In Chains: man in the box, it ain’t like that (very underrated and known) or grind


I prefer rock for hype but Method man is my favorite and he brings the hype


X Gon’ give it to ya


Godsmack I stand Alone


Thanks all, I went with a combination of X Gon’ give it to you, I’m not afraid by Eminem and I stand alone by Godsmack. I could tell that everyone at the draft was wicked jealous of how I brought the noise.