Need some BOOM!

I’m 4-5 in a 12 team double flex half PPR league. I obviously could really use a win right now but got off to a pretty bad start by having Cam and DJ Moore in my lineup against CMC
I’m in a big hole and need to Boom my way out. Here’s what I’ve got to work with:

Qb: Cam (no bueno)
RB: pick 2 (Chubb, Ito Smith, Elijah, Ekeler)
Wr: DJ Moore (No bueno)
Wr: pick 2 (Shepard, Kupp, Callaway, J. Ross)
TE: Njoku (3 td performance???)
Flex: pick 2 out of rbs and wrs
K: currently Elliott
Def: currently Bills

My opponent has CMC, Kamara, and Matt Ryan so I’m pretty sure I’m screwed no matter what, but I appreciate any advice! Thanks!

Good luck but here’s what I got:
RB: Chubb and Ito
WR: Kupp and Ross
Flex: Eckler and either Shepard or Callaway (I’d go Calloway)

Unfortunately you have to go completely boom so you might get low points on the week or top points, it’s pretty much your only shot

Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. Not a lot of confidence but anything could happen I guess. Thanks for your input man

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Dude that team is rough… who were your first three round picks out of the draft?! I get it’s a 12 team but you have no Big name players or big talent players other than Cam.

12 team league with 6 bench. I drafted:

Le’veon Bell
Jordan Howard
Royce Freeman

As my first 3. This obviously didn’t work out well for me. Because of the 2 flex I figured having 3 work horse backs to start the draft would be a good strategy. Lots of pre-season hype about Howard catching the ball and about how good Royce was (is?). 12 team snake draft so I had to reach for the players I liked.

Of course hindsight is 20/20. Lindsay came out of no where and lev still hasn’t shown up. Traded Howard for Chubb straight up the week before the Hyde trade

Okay I gotcha now,

Yeah as a bronco fan I’m a little sad about how we used Royce. Dudes a monster but Philip is a good scat back, I wish we used them more like Devonta Freeman and tevin coleman

The play calls for Royce have been mind boggingly bad. Every touch is a run up the middle. He’s so much better than that. Oh well

And he’s a good receiver that they never take advantage of…