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Need some draft advice!


Hey guys, I have the 10 spot in a 12 man, half PPR redraft league (snake draft, on yahoo btw, 3 WR and a FLEX)

-I expect the first 6 picks to go as most should, followed by Evans and Shady.

-My brother is drafting at the 9 spot and my friend is drafting at the 11. I know my brother is torn between AJG and Freeman in the first, and my friend at the 11 wants to go RB RB first 2 rounds. I don’t know what the guy at the 12 turn will do, but I think he’s leaning two RBs as well (just a hunch).

-If I can start off my draft with Freeman I would prefer it because I see a huge drop off in the RBs that would come to me if DeMarco Ajayi and Gordon went off of the board after my pick, and I want to secure a top RB to build my team around. However, I dont think I can take DeMarco over AJG. If my brother takes Freeman and the other guys grab the RB’s I like, should I just bite the bullet and go AJG with Michael Thomas/Jordy and figure out RB’s later?
Side note- I am really low on Howard this year, I like Michael Thomas but I usually don’t like to start 2 wide because I love the WRs in the middle rounds this year)


Also-- thoughts on going AJG Gronk? Or would that be stupid to take Gronk over Michael Thomas?
This is all hypothetical, worst case scenario if I don’t get one of my RB’s I like falling to me.


What would you do if you didn’t know how those 2 people were going to draft? I think you’re thinking way too much about it. Personally, I like to stay balanced in the first two rounds that way when round 3 comes along, I can take either a WR or RB depending on what’s available.

No I personally wouldn’t take Gronk in the 2nd round. I also don’t like taking TEs early either but it’s more reasonable if he falls to you in the 3rd round, which being on the back end, probably won’t happen.