Need some expert opinions

Good morning everyone!

I just inherited a keeper team and have to make a decision. It’s a 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, TE, .5 point league. 14 managers.
Who should I keep(2):
AJ Brown
Mike Evans
Michael Gallup
Darren Waller

I won’t even mention anyone else from that trash team. Those are the best options.

Any round penalties?

Nope. That’s the first thing I asked.

Tough, I’d keep AJ for sure.

It really depends on your projections. Evans is interesting but Godwin is in the position of the offense that is going to see the most.

Waller should see a lot of targets but he is now in a offense where the ball could go to anyone. Jacobs, Edwards, ruggs, Williams, Renfrow.

Gallup will also be a solid receiver this year. Could finish ahead of Evans I know that sounds crazy but it is within the realm of possibility. (I would still take Evans over gallup though).

AJ will have weeks where he will disappear, possible for sure. But he will also have weeks where he could go Bananas and win you the week. His upside is very high so he is someone I would want on my roster.

I think that’s pretty much how I was thinking.
I’m seriously debating Gallup over Evans actually but in the end I’ll feel like I’m fading a real elite WR who is just in a new offense. Basically.
Thought Waller but I think I rather take my chances on finding value in the later rounds. Think I gotta focus on getting some RB help.

But yes- I’m leaning Evans/Brown. Gotta make a decision by tomorrow.