Need some fantasy help. 1-2 after 3 weeks

Hi everyone.

So, my team is struggling after 3 weeks. I was looking into trading Julio for RB and WR but he right now is not worth both. Please look at my roster and let me know what I can do if anything.

QB - Matt Ryan
RB - Marshawn Lynch
WR - Julio Jones
WR - Emmanuel Sanders
TE - D. Walker
Flex - Cohen
Flex - J. Kearse
K - Raider
Def - Pitts

RB - J. Charles
RB - A. Peterson
RB - C. Carson
TE - B. Watson
RB - C. Johnson
QB - T. Siemain
WR - C. Coleman - IR

TE - Olsen

I’m really frustrated with this team. Lol

Honestly, just don’t panic this early (especially after some weird weeks of fantasy). I don’t know whether your league is standard or PPR but you have some really great pieces that will pay off. Julio, Sanders and Walker could all be considered favorite targets for their QBs and Cohen is a receiving back on a team without solid receivers. Matt Ryan threw ints this week but that isn’t his normal. I would get rid of AP (if you can trade him, even better), stream a defense each week and don’t trade Julio just because he hasn’t lived up to your expectations yet.