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Need some flex help in a 1PPR


Deciding between Tevin Colman, Kupp, Higgins, J.J. Nelson, or Duke Johnson???




Standard or PPR?


It is a 1PPR


I’d go either Coleman or Nelson.

I picked up Higgins but I’m on a wait and see one more week wit him.

Duke Johnson never been too thrilled with his situation

Kupp is tempting especially in PPR but Thursday night games I feel like always leave a lot to be desired from a points perspective. It’s not like SF will blow the Rams out forcing them to throw the ball.

So this leaves us with Coleman in what should be a high scoring game and JJ Nelson who has a juicy matchup with Dallas.

If I absolutely had to pick out of those two I’d probably go Nelson.

good luck.


Agree with Forty9Giants. I lean JJ with his matchup and obvious chemistry with Palmer. Play the hot hand.


Thank You! I was leaning j.j. but need assurance!