Need some great Trade advice!

Would you trade away shady and Ertz for Prescott?

Still would have bell, white, gore and Hyde at RB and Gronk and Graham at TE

If Prescott is what you want I would take it. You don’t need 3 TE. Especially when you have Gronk. Personally I would try and get a better QB though.

I think you would be doing yourself a disservice trading a player like Mccoy for Dak, more so in a 2 for 1. I agree with @Bailout and think you could do better

Honestly you could stream a better option than dak most weeks. You’d basically be giving shady away for that price. Use a tight end piece and a different rb for a qb.

The problem is I have Bradford and luck hurt. Dalton playing Like shit and goff who has been okay so far. 3 QB league and it’s a deep league so no streamers