Need some help at WR!

Full PPR 3 player keeper

Currently sitting in 6th at 5-5 and top 6 make playoffs. Finally got CMC back but then lost woods. Unfortunately WR depth isn’t great. Currently have Smith to replace him but want to try and find a higher tier to go along with Deebo for a playoff push. Guy in last has Adams but isn’t responding to any trade offers. Any suggestions on who to go after?

I might try to package Mitchell and Devonta smith to upgrade to like possibly an AJ Brown type, lesser options like Keenan or DK who might be able to bought low still

It’s quite hard to recommend a random trade target without knowing your league. If I mention a specific player like CeeDee Lamb and he’s on the number 1 team there is amost zero chance they are available.

A better strategy (seems like you’ve started this already) is to the further explore the league looking for points of weakness on good teams or good players on bad teams and make an offer. Assume you can trade draft picks for future years.

Sending Aaron Jones to a team with a bad record as keeper option for the future would be something I’d explore.

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Yes this! Knowing the other teams rosters is a huge part to make actual opinions on it for you. Without that its just guessing names

Very true. Guys like Hopkins, AJ Brown, Adams(guy never answers anyone on trades), metcalf and Godwin are really the better WR that are on lesser teams to go after, I agree with trading Jones. Since I have Monty and even mitchell to cover the week 13 byes at RB. Plus Jones would cost a 1st to keep and I wouldn’t keep him over cmc and yes we can trade picks