Need some help fellow Footballers

1-4 team and my first 3 RBs drafted were David Johnson, D. Murray, and Woodhead. I’ve done some serious hustling throughout the year but now have a start-sit nightmare every week. Trying to get another dependable RB and a more concrete starting lineup to avoid my headache every week of who to start. My team:

Doug Martin
L. Murray & McKinnon
Mark Ingram
Buck Allen
Tarik Cohen
Joe Mixon

D. Adams
D. Parker
Doug Baldwin
D. Amendola


QBs - Cousins & Wilson

All these RBs are hit or miss other than I think Martin is going to be good going forward. Who should I look to package in a trade and who should I def. keep.

Thanks guys!

I’m in a similar situation:
D. Murray

Not pretty. Best I can say is play the matchup and hope for the best. I like McKinnon after last night though-- and that GB matchup IS juicy.


Also like Ingram plenty coming off the bye and now sans AP.

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I would say try to take advantage of McKinnon’s great week and package him for a T Coleman or Duke Johnson… something like that


@Hardie16 @danielkrieg08 Thank you for your feeback, I have the exact same thoughts. I was already eyeing up Coleman and have McKinnon and Ingram in my starting lineup with Doug Martin. Threw a text out to the league to stir up interests - here goes nothing

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