Need some help in a new league

Hey guys. I joined my buddys fantasy league and it’s actually an IDP league. Is there anyone on here with any experience in drafting defensive players? Where do I value them compared to the offensive Guys?

Unless you’re fielding a full team of 11 IDPs (or at least 6 or more), then you should treat them like Kickers (i.e., only draft them if you have to).

There are an overabundance of them, and they all score about the same, so you can pick up an IDP or two off waivers every week who will outscore anyone you have on your team.

In other words, you can basically stream IDPs if you only have to start a few of them. With 6 or more per team, the “demand” side of supply and demand economics begins to have an effect.

Like any league, pay attention to the scoring format. Some leagues with IDP can get sort of crazy with the scoring just to make it more fun.

Also, shut down corners are awesome- but not when they are so good that teams don’t throw the ball their way. Like Jalen Ramsey, I had him and I would barely get points from him.

But yes- there are so many more of these defensive players that it’s easier to stream them. So I would build your team the best you can and then start digging into defensive players.

It’s a large roster. 10 players on both sides of the ball get started every week. DBS, LBS and Dline. At least 1db 2lb and 2 dline. The rest are flex

Having all those flex helps, so it’s really only 5 positional IDPs, and then your other 5 can come from any position.

Still, with that many starters, it probly wouldn’t hurt to try to grab 3 or 4 studs at some point–but I still wouldn’t prioritize them very highly–the reason they’re like Kickers is because there are so many “studs” to begin with–and “studs” will emerge as the season progresses.

Any suggestion on good platforms for rankings? I believe I usually end up using fantasypros for IDP rankings