Need some help! Is this fair?

I’m the CMC owner. Luckily I’m not hurting to bad at RB. I have Drake at RB1. Robinson at RB2 then mostert on the bench. I’m trying to get Taylor from my league mate I’m playing this week. Would you guys trade Chark and Robinson for Taylor?

Might be able to push that trade through if Chark has a huge week but assuming this is redraft I think Taylor is a top 10 RB this year all year and its hard to convince someone to trade an RB1 for a WR2 + RB2. This would look better after a really solid WR1 week from Chark

I don’t think someone will accept a trade with 2 Jags players on it. I’d rather trade Drake and Chark to get Taylor and a low end WR2 or high end WR3

Alright, what if I were to switch it out with someone like Godwin? He has upside. I feel comfortable with my WR having Godwin, Hopkins, chark, metcalf, diontae Johnson, and Anderson.