Need some help on a Waller Trade!

Dynasty half point ppr

Give Waller/Jarvis/Malcolm Brown
Receive Ridley/Kerryon/Ebron

Half point PPR dynasty. Need some advice on a trade. I have Mark Andrews and Darren Waller. Someone looking for a TE offering me KJ and Ridley for Waller and Jarvis Landry. Good trade? We start 3 WR’s and so I could really use an upgrade at WR (Evans, Kupp, Landry are my three starters at the moment). I have no other serviceable TE other than these two so if I trade one away I’m very light on that position. My RBs are Bell, Devonta Freeman, Ekeler, Barkley (have Gallman too). I’m leaning towards yes because of my needs at WR but hate to give up a stud Tight End. Any advice is appreciated.

How is your record? I would hate to give up Waller in a dynasty. Ridley and landry are kind of hit or miss, though Ridley has been better. Brown is having good chemistry with Lamar and leaning towards being a Tyreek hill player.

I’m 3-0 right now. And giving up Malcolm Brown (rams RB) not Brown on ravens. And yeah I’m having a tough time giving up Waller at all but I’m pretty light on WR depth. May try to trade Andrews for a WR and keep Waller.

Maybe try swapping andrews in the trade. Julio is getting old might not see the end of his contract or slowing not be the number 1 in the next year or two